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Your job search just got easier!

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Contracting Opportunities

Care For People Plus, Inc. shares this Mission and the Vision of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS)/Office of Developmental Programs (ODP). As part of the Support TEAM we provide the services and supports for each person who lives with Intellectual Disabilities receiving services through our company.

Our Services

At CFP+ we know that you want to be a compassionate and caring advocate for the best staffing services for your individuals.

To do that, you need a reliable partner to provide quality person-centered support. The problem is the limited staffing solutions available to you, which makes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

We believe you deserve a partner that will work to match your individuals with compatible and compassionate staff.

Making A Difference

“Great job. I enjoy my work and feel that the pay is good. The paperwork is something you need to get use to but other then that I feel supported and happy to be a part of Cfpplus.”

Contracted Support Staff, Scranton PA

“Treated as valued team member, even though subcontractor. I enjoy working with individuals with intellectual disabilities. I get to help them learn skills and be their companion when they may not have anyone else. The work I do is meaningful and rewarding. I have the freedom to choose who/when/where I work so I can ensure I am the best person for the family. The on-boarding process was made easy by the staff and everything was explained well.”

Contracted Support Staff, PA

“A great place to help people . A great job for those interested in helping people. Working closely with individuals to assist in making a positive difference in their lives can be very rewarding.”

Contracted Support Staff, Bellefonte PA

“Great job, feel like I have purpose. A typical day at work varies from client to client, but expect to meet a variety of amazing and kind individuals. You are often the brightest part of their day, and their means of getting out and socializing in the community. Management is very helpful and the schedule is extremely flexible, perfect for me as a working college student. I’m able to set my own hours which is wonderful. The hardest part of the job is definitely getting acquainted with the client and learning where they like to go and what they like to do. For example, many of my clients have needed help being driven to appointments or shopping, picking out phone plans or buying electronics. The best part is that you build strong relationships with your clients and you get to brighten up their day. Most clients are very kind and look forward to their time with you. These relationships are what I love most about the job.”

Contracted Support Staff, PA