Our Services

We understand finding the right provider with the right staff at the right time for your individuals is a frustrating process, which is why for the past 17 years we’ve made thousands of successful connections based on individuals’ choice in over 20 counties.

Here’s your Three Steps to Staffing success:

1. Referral You reach out to CFP+, within 24 hours our county director will contact you to check for current availability of staff for your individual.

2. Review The director will then review your individuals ISP to determine their needs and preferences.

3. Connect (Recruit /Staffing Choices/Options)

We can staff your individual with:

  • A current available and qualified Direct Support Professional (DSP)
  • Your network of Friends and/or Family
  • A new DSP that we will specifically recruit on your individuals’ behalf

In-Home & Community Supports

A direct skill-building service. Provided in the home or community to help individuals in acquiring, maintaining, and improving on skills necessary to live more independently in their home or community. The settings must be inclusive rather than segregated. Services consist of assistance, support, and guidance in areas of self-care, health maintenance, decision making, home management, managing personal resources, communication, mobility, relationship development, socialization, personal adjustment, and community functions.

Companion Services

Non-medical care, supervision, and socialization service provided to individuals age 18 or older living in private homes. The purpose is to provide supervision and assistance to ensure the individuals health, safety, and welfare and to perform activities of daily living for the individual. The purpose… to assist the individual to participate more meaningfully in their home and community life. This service can be used in lieu of In-Home & Community Supports when a habilitative outcome is not appropriate/feasible.

Community Participation Supports

Provides opportunities and support for community inclusion, making connections in the community, and developing skills and potential for competitive integrated employment. Services should result in active and valued participation in a range of activities that build on the individuals interests, preferences, gifts, and strengths reflecting their outcome related to employment, community involvement, or community membership.


A direct service provided in private homes to supervise and support individuals on a short-term basis for a planned situation. It gives the persona that typically provides care to the individual a period of relief, or gives the individual a period of relief from their natural supports. Services consist of supervision and assistance provided to maintain the individual’s typical schedule of activities while ensuring their health, safety, and welfare.


Provided to individuals living in private homes. Enable the participant to remain in their private home. Provided when a household member is temporarily absent or unable to manage a home. Services include cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, and other general household care to maintain the home in a clean, sanitary, and safe condition.

Making A Difference

“Would recommend. I have worked with this company for 10 years now and love my job. It’s flexible to fit the schedule I want and enjoy the people I work with. Pay is good and fair.”

Contracted Support Staff, PA

Appreciation. This opportunity to start a new career with company has truly been a great new experience and absolutely love what I do everyday is a new day to bring positive energy to someone who really appreciates it . And all I have learned along the way.

Contracted Support Staff, Reading PA

“Love helping people . I love providing direct support to people in my community. The rewards of my job definitely outweigh the challenges I may face. My director is wonderful and provides assistance/answers my questions. CFP+ does a great job communicating what is needed/expected of me for my job.”

Contracted Support Staff, PA

“Good communication and flexibility! Working one-on-one with individuals with disabilities is a spectacular way to make new friends, help someone in need and make a difference in people’s lives. CFP+ hires as subcontractors which is ok with me since I do not need the healthcare of benefits. I save all my receipts to help with taxes at the end of the year. This was a little hard at first but now that I’ve done it for a while, I know what to do and what records to keep. Everyone at CFP+ is friendly and helpful and are always willing to support to their staff anytime it is needed. I appreciate good communication!”

Contracted Support Staff, PA